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To Inspire and To Give Back

10% Of Gross Sales To Local Charities That Keep ST. GEORGE STRONG

It’s our rock cairn. For ages, the rock cairn has stood as a symbol of direction and destination. Here at St. George Strong, it means much more. Rock cairns are not built by governments and organizations but by individuals; trail blazers that found their way and left a marker for the weary but hopeful travelers that came behind them. The cairn is a symbol of individual accountability to leave the world a better place. It’s a symbol of reaching back and lifting up someone in need even though you may never personally meet them on this life’s journey.  Our mission is to carry forward this ideal. 


To kick things off St. George Strong will be giving 10% of our sales to Switchpoint, an organization that does tremendous good in our community.  Read below to learn more about Switchpoint. 


To empower homeless families and individuals in Southern Utah by addressing the underlying cause of poverty. Providing an individualized, comprehensive plan that supports them on their journey to self-sufficiency and the opportunity to contribute to the community.



We believe each individual has worth and value. Change occurs when people are treated with respect and dignity, empowered with skills and resources to better their circumstance.

Every individual is a part of our community and can be free from harm in stable affordable housing, with self-esteem, hope and abilities restored, to thrive and contribute in society.


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